Sine Cera Report


Photo: charity: water

“I believe that we were created with something in our hearts that gives us joy in serving.”

Letter from
the President

To say that 2020 was unexpected would be an understatement. I’m extremely grateful for the trust that you – our customers, partners, and team – place in Candoris. We’re fortunate to have emerged last year stronger than when we started it, and we are more committed to growth, innovation, and excellence than ever before.

All too often, businesses are focused on just one metric: profit. My father, brother, and I began Candoris with the belief that good business and the way employees and customers are treated directly correlate to each other. We strove to focus on employee fulfillment from a holistic perspective, and we’ve seen that this results in happy employees, a stellar customer experience, and a dynamic company culture. We also believed that we were created to serve, that we get a certain sense of fulfillment when we help someone beyond our family. Therefore, emphasis on servant leadership and partnering with nonprofits through dedicated time and giving is deeply intertwined with Candoris values and driving mission. To this day, it’s something that energizes our team and lends focus to our innovation, with both leaders and team members feeling a responsibility to use time, talent, and resources to positively impact others.

I’ve witnessed the hand of divine providence orchestrating the path of Candoris in many ways over the past ten years, and this past year was no exception. You journeyed with us as customers, partners, and team members, and I’m humbled to say that you helped make 2020 our largest giving year to date.

I hope the following pages of our 2020 Sine Cera Report make you proud of your decision as you witness the good you enabled around the world. With respect and gratitude,

Stephan Van Der Ploog
Candoris President & Chief Accountability Officer

Core Values

Humility, unity, truth;
absence of negativity, politics,
and selfishness

Creating and
leveraging innovation
to solve problems

Respect and honor family
and life priorities

Intentionally impacting
others through profits
and servanthood

Steadfast commitment to
doing the right thing

Our mission:

Impacting children around the world through medicine, education, and clean water initiatives.

Our why:

At Candoris, we desire to leave a legacy that reaches far beyond profits. Core values serve as our roots and provide a strong, mission-focused foundation for each and every interaction. Our ‘what’ is the shared purpose of creating lasting value through skillful innovation. These philanthropic partnerships, the fruit of our work, are our ‘why’.

Mission in Action

Mission in Action

Annual Nate Kirby Day

“Candoris has always been committed to finding opportunities to serve others. When one of our team members unexpectedly passed away, we came up with the idea of creating Nate Kirby Day in his honor. Nate had a servant heart, and this annual day of service became an opportunity for our team to fellowship together while serving the local community by partnering with various organizations.”

Stephan Van Der Ploog
Candoris President &
Chief Accountability Officer

Learn more about Nate Kirby Day

Lebanon County Christian Ministries

170+ meals prepared for the daily Free Noon Meal

LCCM Project Fluffy

31 fleece blankets made and delivered to the
LCCM shelter

Deliver a Smile

35 greeting cards created and delivered to a local nursing home

Caring Cupboard

The team helped sort and stock shelves of incoming donations and assisted people picking up food

Lebanon Rescue Mission

The team painted the main building holding intake offices, dining rooms, chapels, and meeting rooms for the men’s shelter

City of Annville

The team mulched and painted downtown light posts


2,325+ hours of VTO to date

Nonprofit Partnerships

Photo: Love and Grace Ministries - Haiti

Photo: CURE

Photo: CURE


Our Impact:

12 Funded Surgeries Across Uganda,

Philippines, and Niger

Healing the sick and proclaiming the kingdom of God is central to the success and growth that CURE continually experiences in their hospitals and programs in 12 developing countries around the world. They’ve performed over 290,000 procedures and over 17,100 free or subsidized surgeries to date.

Hope Walks

The greatest gift given to patients with physical deformities is often not the healing of the ailment, but the hope ignited deep within them for a brighter future full of opportunity. Hope Walks grew out of CURE Clubfoot and is an international Christian organization that delivers quality clubfoot treatment to children with compassionate care, all while empowering local healthcare workers and educating parents and caregivers.

"There’s such a strong stigma associated with physical disabilities throughout much of the world. Receiving treatment for a congenital deformity such as clubfoot allows a child to grow up as a functioning part of their family and their community rather than as a burden or as someone that is a source of shame and ridicule. These treatments are powerful and life-changing."

– Leron Lehman
Candoris COO,
Hope Walks Board Member

Photo: Hope Walks

Photo: Hope Walks

Charity on Top

Our Impact:

Supported 90 Local and Nationally

Recognized Nonprofits

With a mission deeply engrained in giving, Candoris celebrated Giving Tuesday by offering the entire team the unique opportunity to support a nonprofit of personal choice. This initiative backed local and national nonprofits that Candorians actively participate with and expanded outreach to organizations focused on safety, community, education, health, and the arts.

First Responders

Our Impact:

70+ care packages sent to:

  • Active Duty Military
  • Police Officers
  • Firefighters
  • Emergency Medical Staff

Photo: Hope International

Photo: Hope International

Hope International

Our Impact:

Candoris partnered with Hope International to serve

more than 538 families with discipleship, training,

savings services, and loans

In the world’s underserved countries, the ability to invest in dreams for a better future is generally impossible. Hope International exists to support families striving to better provide for themselves through savings group programs, microfinance institutions, and small-and-medium-enterprise lending. Their empowering model of enabling self-sufficiency restores dignity and breaks the cycle of poverty.

Samaritan’s Purse

In communities in the Philippines, COVID-19 brought a 20% increase to the already saddening 6.3 % statistic of malnourished children under 5 years old. The Samaritan’s Purse Tondo Nutrition Project will rehabilitate mild and moderately malnourished children and pregnant and lactating mothers by providing hot meals and micronutrient supplementation, along with nutrition counseling to beneficiaries and caregivers.

Photo: Samaritan’s Purse

Photo: Samaritan’s Purse

Seamark Ranch

Seamark Ranch is a 568-acre home and transformational program for youth coming from crisis situations just trying to survive their daily lives. The 25 youth who call the working ranch home receive education and are taught work ethic founded on Christian principles. Key to the organization’s mission is the annual fundraiser – Seamark MudRun – a 5k race for families to gather, get dirty, and raise awareness and funds for an incredible nonprofit.

"Our family has been partnering with Seamark Ranch for the past 10 years because we believe in their mission to rescue children out of difficult situations. The ranch truly provides an ideal setting to foster healing and empowerment."

– Lucas Van Der Ploog
Candoris District Manager & Co-Founder,
Seamark Ranch MudRun Volunteer

Learn more about this partnership

charity: water


Candoris partnered with charity: water to rehab three water wells in some of the poorest districts of Malawi – one of Africa’s most densely populated and least developed countries.

Photo and map: charity: water

Photo and map: charity: water



In 2020 we supported 115+ organizations including:

  • relief & health services
  • faith-based nonprofits
  • orphan & foster care agencies
  • education & athletics
  • community organizations
  • associations & clubs


Thank you to our customers, our partners, and the life-changing nonprofits mentioned above. These relationships truly leave a legacy that extends far beyond borders or solutions.